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Golden State Warriors Scores: Things Getting Ugly at Oracle, Hawks in Command 81-55 After 3

When you get out rebounded, make bad passes, don’t rotate defensively, and simply can’t make shots, you have all the makings of a humiliating blowout; which is exactly where the Golden State Warriors find themselves after 3 quarters.

With a commanding 81-55 lead, the Hawks are exuding an easy confidence tonight; getting out in transition, finding the open man, simply picking apart the Warriors offensively and defensively. The Hawks are on cruise control going into the forth quarter, being driven by Josh Smith with 22 points and 9 rebounds, Al Horford has 20 and 12 rebounds, and Joe Johnson has 12 points. With such a devastating lead, this game is basically chalked up as a loss for Golden State before the 4th quarter even begins.

David Lee has 20 points and 10 rebounds for the Warriors with Monta adding 16 and 5 assists.