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Ray Allen Says Golden State Warriors Don't Deserve To Be On Floor With Them...At the Oracle

Kevin Garnett is known, recently, to be the mouthpiece for the Boston Celtics, whether the Celtics like it or not. Known to antagonize players well below his status, Kevin Garnett has taken it upon himself be the leader of this aging yet superb squad. Well, apparently Ray Allen has just as much trash talking motivational speaking as KG as it was caught on camera by CSN Bay Area.


The night of the Warriors vs. Boston Celtics game at exactly 7:15 PM, Ray Allen was quoted when talking to his teammates: "This team right here, they don't belong on the floor with us. And you all know that."


That is obviously true given how dominant the Celtics are. But based off what Allen is saying, does that mean the Celtics should be the 'home team' at the Oracle? Is Ray Allen jealous that they don't get the same 'home team' love that Kobe Bryant and the Lakers get everywhere they go? Or is Allen trying out his best KG impersonation? Either way, have a look for yourself.