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Jeremy Lin Hanging Out At NBA All-Star Game With Celebrities!

Jeremy Lin was hanging out last weekend at the NBA All-Star game, but, unfortunately, did not get to participate in any of the events. But regardless, he was still in the limelight nonetheless, taking time to sit and chat with YouTube sensation Arden Cho. I honestly had no idea who Arden Cho was until I looked her up on the internet and apparently she is a model and aspiring actress

Jeremy Lin's rising star has oddly been a slight watershed moment for other Asian Americans within (or inching into) the entertainment world. Jin tha MC, Chinese American (now) Christian rapper, was slated to write a song titled Jeremy Lin in honor of Asian American achievements. This cross-pollination of Asian American entertainment in arenas as sports, acting, music has not gone unnoticed, particularly in the NBA as teams such as the Golden State Warriors have come to understand the (economic) value of Asian American markets. Just for the record, everyone is a market whether you're white, black, brown, gay, straight, etc. So its interesting to see Asian Americans making moves together and rubbing elbows, albeit inadvertently, with stars such as Kim Kardashian courtside (as they did).

 (via K-Soda News via ardenBcho)