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2011 NBA Trade Rumors: Baron Davis Heading to Cleveland Cavaliers, There Goes Motivation?

Baron Davis' 'homecoming' to Los Angeles, his hometown where he starred in high school and college, will soon come to a close. Apparently, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to a trade, which would send Baron Davis and their 2011 first round draft pick in exchange for Jamario Moon and Mo Williams. Can we say that Davis' motivation just went out the window right when he started getting it back?


The move is a cost cutting measure for the Clippers and a way for the Cavs to rebuild through the draft.  Coach Byron Scott and Davis have bad history, but how much worse could this team get with 20+ games left? On another note, Davis joins a former Warrior in Cavs PF Antawn Jamison, so I'm sure they'll have much to talk about from their experiences in the Bay. So, what can we expect from Davis now that he's relocated to what is probably the Siberia of the NBA, far from the bright lights he finally got playing with Blake Griffin? I'm thinking plenty of DNP-CD and a few extra pounds that even his beard can't hide.