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Golden State Warriors NBA Scores, Schedule, News: Celtics Tighten Up Defense, Take 88-78 Lead Into 4th Quarter

The Celtics came out of halftime firing on all cylinders offensively while clamping down defensively, as the halftime tie ballooned to a 88-78 lead by the visting team. As a whole the Warriors had 5 turnovers in the 3rd, couple that with missed baskets and the score of the game thus far explains itself. 42.3% from the field is not going to cut it against a talented Celtics team.

Curry had the hot hand for the W’s in the 3rd quarter, draining a couple of threes and taking his point total to 13 while Monta Ellis was trying to force his way into the game by driving into the paint. He seemed to be pressing a bit and missed some layups, and had a couple of turnovers. Golden State was pretty balanced offensively with four players in double figures, but when you continually take contested or down right bad shots, its going to be really tough to maintain any sort of quality play.

The Celtics big four are controlling the game thus far, each scoring in double figures. The W’s need to buckle down and start clawing back into this game, starting with the defensive end.