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Golden State Warriors NBA Scores, Schedule, News: Hard Fought Second Quarter Leads to 60-60 Haltime tie

Golden State Warriors head coach Keith Smart used his bench extensively in the second quarter as the W’s and Celtics finish the first half tied at 60 a piece. The momentum for both teams was back and forth all quarter, with Golden State going on a 13-5 run at one point, which the Celtics countered with a 9-1 run of their own. Reggie Williams and Acie Law saw some good minutes, but it was Ekpe Udoh who made the most of his time on the floor; swatting 3 key blocks while adding 4 points and 4 rebounds. The Warriors played a very clean first half, losing only 3 turnovers and drawing 10 fouls. The W’s also took an uncharacteristic 20 free throws while the Celtics only took 6, which shows just how much they are attacking the basket. David Lee finished the half with 15 points, Dorell Wright had 13, and Stephen Curry added 9 in shortened minutes due to foul trouble. Monta Ellis only took 6 shots for 6 points.

As for the Celtics, Kevin Garnett dropped 16, going 7-10 from the floor and was aided the 12 points and 8 assists by Rajon Rondo and 11 points from Ray Allen. The Warriors have to keep making buckets if they want to win this game because the Celtics have brought their A game tonight.