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Stephen Curry Ankle Getting New Treatments: Smaller Nikes!

New Golden State Warriors trainer Troy Wenzel is trying something new with Stephen Curry’s ankle, reports Marcus Thompson II. With 5 busted ankles already this season, and we’re not even at the all-star break yet, the Warriors clearly, as they have been since Joe Lacob and Peter Guber took over, are trying new things. Some complicated and some as easy as this:

Curry has also made one other small adjustment. He now wears a size 13 shoe, which is a half a size smaller than he normally wears. Curry said it took some getting used to, because he usually likes breathing room in his Nikes. But with the tape job and the smaller sneakers, his ankle is more secure.

Hey now ladies, we just found out Curry’s shoe size! But for all you ballers out there, does the size of your sneakers matter to your ankle support, even if it’s just a half-size down? Maybe the problem is he’s wearing Nikes.

Among other things, Thompson II also notes that Wenzel is trying new taping techniques and letting Curry rest. That seems to counter all the rehabilitation I’ve had in my life — busted achilles, back problems, hip alignment issues, etc. — which has been centered around strengthening, which apparently was the Tom Abdenour way.

What’s your take on the situation?