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Golden State Warriors NBA Scores, Schedule, News: Rookies Lead Sophomores 71-69, Curry Gets Dunked on By Cousins

Playing true to form, the Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam was basically a dunk off in the first half as the rookies lead the sophomores 71-69 going into halftime. Both sides combined for a total of 22 dunks in the first half, highlighted by a sweet alley-oop from John Wall to Blake Griffin who threw it down with two hands and his head high above the rim. Dejuan Blair added to the dunking extravaganza by throwing it off the glass to himself on a breakway.

As for the bay area boys, the Sacramento Kings' DeMarcus Cousins had a huge dunk over the Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry early on in the game, finishing the first half with 10 points. The loudest thing about Stephen Curry's game in the first half were probably his socks and shoes, sporting a fresh pair of blue and yellow kicks matched by his tie-dye looking blue and yellow socks. His best highlight so far came from pre-game warmups, as he hit a half-court shot with ease. 

Blake Griffin was also inadvertently elbowed in the nose by Dejuan Blair, much to the chagrin of the hometown crowd, but will play in the second half and it will not affect the rest of his busy All-Star weekend.