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Golden State Warriors v. Utah Jazz, NBA Scores: Jazz, Warriors Tied 76-76 Going Into 4th Quarter

The hard fought battle continued in the second half as the Warriors and Jazz go into the final period tied at 76. The Jazz came out attacking the rim, starting with a 7-0 run to begin the 3rd quarter. The Warriors seemed to be trying to match the Jazz’s energy but only came up with sloppy turnovers to show for it. Utah wanted to play as up-tempo as possible, which would seem to play into the Warriors hand. But with 6 turnovers in the quarter and the shots not falling, the Warriors were going to have to dig deep to keep up.

Golden State struggled to stop the pick and roll with Al Jefferson and Deron Williams, leading to some easy hoops for the Jazz. Meanwhile Monta Ellis stayed in his attack mode (as usual) scoring 7 points in the 3rd quarter to keep the game close. Charlie Bell and Dorell Wright hit a couple of 3 pointers but for the most part the Warriors aren’t taking many 3’s thus far. Curry still couldn’t take the lid off the rim, staying at 2 points and making no field goals for the game. The Warriors are going to have to lock down the defense and hit some clutch 3’s to keep the Jazz from winning this game.