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"Monta Ellis" Rap Song About NBA All-Star Snub

After what some fans considered the ultimate contradictions of the NBA All-Star voting and reserves selection, where Kevin Love as replacement to Yao Ming showed that losses ultimately had nothing to do with selection, Yung God, a rapper that runs with Soulja Boy and Lil B (of "The Pack"), made a song dedicated to one of his favorite basketball players: Monta Ellis.

The highlight of the song, if you can get passed the first 20-30 seconds of curse words, is when Yung God compares various components of Monta's game to other players. For Yung God, Monta "dunk like (Dwight) Howard, jump like (Blake) Griffin, and shoot like (Dirk) Nowitzki." But Yung God also switches back and forth between talking ABOUT Monta and Monta AS a lifestyle: "** on my **** cuz I rock like Ellis." 

To be Monta Ellis is to have game, in more ways than one. Click on to watch the video, but beware, the language is NSFW

Monta Ellis is of course the highlight of this song, but Tyreke Evans and Kobe Bryant get some love, too, since Yung God apparently is a huge fan of West Coast teams. Again, reminder, this is NSFW.

Yung God Monta Ellis Based Freestyle (via 2610bu)