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Chris Paul Trade Rumors: CP3 Will Reportedly Not Sign Extension With Warriors

Chris Paul has a lot of suitors for his services. The New Orleans point guard has put himself on the trading block, and there are plenty of offers out there. The Golden State Warriors have been putting out offers with Stephen Curry (and potentially Monta Ellis), but they won't make the deal unless Paul agrees to an extension.

Which he apparently won't. David Aldridge of reports.

Chris Paul will not commit to signing a contract extension after this season with either the Golden State Warriors or Los Angeles Clippers if he is traded to either team by the New Orleans Hornets, citing the potential financial hit if he were to do that rather than becoming a free agent and signing a new deal with a new team next summer, according to league sources. That has left potential deals with both teams in limbo….

It'd make sense for Paul not to lock himself into an extension; he doesn't know how good his team might be when he gets traded. Almost the entire league knows he wants to join a big franchise like the New York Knicks or the Los Angeles Lakers, where there will always be superstars and there should be a greater possibility of being on a championship contender. The Warriors have a lot of issues, and it's hard for them to really be considered as a team that's on the rise until they make some big moves.

Until those moves are made, Golden State is probably going to drop behind other prospects in the race for the best point guard in the league.

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