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Stephen Curry Trade Rumors: Warriors Guard Believes He Won't Be Moved For Chris Paul

The Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry have been involved in a lot of rumor-mongering the past few days regarding New Orleans superstar Chris Paul. Apparently CP3 has been open to a trade, and the Hornets are willing to move him to the Warriors provided they give up someone like Curry.

Seems like Curry feels pretty secure with his place with the Warriors. Matt Steinmetz of CSN Bay Area has more.

"I talked to (general manager) Larry, (Riley) and talked to coach (Mark) Jackson about it. They told me pretty much the same thing: You’re safe and secure here. They want me here.

"Obviously, there’s the business of basketball and there are things that may happen with a GM having to make a decision for the best interest of the team. When you have a guy like Chris Paul, who is a franchise player, that’s something you really have to think about it with anybody on the roster. I understand that. I’m not going to be upset if they entertained that.
"It’s nice to be in the conversation with a guy like that. I know myself, I’d be part of a package, but that’s something that’s going to happen when you’re in this career, in this business, and you’ve got to run with it."

Monta Ellis has recently entered the discussion when it comes to the Paul rumors, which might be a good sign for Curry's prospects of staying with Golden State long-term. It's interesting that the Warriors remain so loyal to Curry despite the fact that he's unlikely to become an NBA All-Star. Perhaps the Warriors are also considering that even Paul gets traded to the Bay Area, he will probably not agree to a long-term deal with the team if Curry is not involved. So the rationalization to keeping Curry might be just as much for practical reasons as well.

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