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Golden State Warriors Face Multiple Sexual Harassment Charges, According To Report

The legal headache for Joe Lacob and the Golden State Warriors is apparently getting worse.

According to SLAM Online, the Golden State Warriors are now facing more allegations of sexual harassment since majority owner Joe Lacob took ever in November on 2010.

SLAM notes that the previous director of the Warrior Girls, the team's cheer squad, is one of the new accusers. Sources have also told SLAM that the director of the team's cheerleading squad left due to a provocative communications involving a member of the Warriors' executive staff. Sources also say other former employees have already settled sexual harassment cases since Lacob took the reigns.

The accuser also states that the Warrior Girls had been asked to participate in non-Warriors events at private locations. SLAM claims to have witnessed Joe Lacob's son Kirk, the Warriors Director of Basketball Operations, asking the former cheerleading squad director to 'ensure the presence' of several Warrior Girls at a private party he was holding in San Francisco after a night game at Oracle. SLAM sources confirmed that some members of the cheerleading squad were at the party.

Erika Smith, a former Warriors employee who is now suing the team, stated in her complaint last week that along with her concerns with Monta Ellis, cited that Joe Lacob used cheerleaders to "perform" for his "golfing friends" as well as "condoned, encouraged, and/or ratified several other instances of sexual harassment."

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