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Warriors Vs. Clippers: Blake Griffin, Chris Paul Lead 34-Point Third Quarter

The Golden State Warriors lost their 43-41 halftime lead as the Los Angeles Clippers head into the fourth quarter with a 75-68 lead. The Warriors strong first half defense wilted under the Clippers offensive pressure as LA put up 34 points in the third quarter. Blake Griffin led the way as he put in nine points on a mix of dunks and second chance points.

The Warriors are getting a solid game from David Lee as he has scored 15 points and hauled in 11 rebounds through three quarters. The Warriors have seen Brandon Rush provide a bit of a surprise energy performance off the bench. He has seven points and three rebounds as he has been as busy as anybody. The Warriors will need that kind of energy play if they are going to climb back in the fourth quarter. The defensive energy has sagged a bit and could cost them the game.

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