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Monta Ellis Lawsuit: Plaintiff's Attorney Joins 95.7 The GAME To Discuss Allegations

As the Golden State Warriors begin their war of attrition in the Monta Ellis sexual harassment lawsuit, the plaintiff's attorney, Burton Boltuch joined Brandon Tierney and Eric Davis on The Drive on 95.7 The GAME to discuss the allegations and answer some of the burning questions lingering. 

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This is already becoming a PR nightmare for the W's, and radio interviews like these aren't going to help. 

To hear the interview in full, you can check it out here

On whether his client was bribed by the team and she refused:

"The Warriors called my client in. Said it's uncomfortable for you to work here, why don't you resign. If you resign we'll give you a little bit of money. And she rejected what she viewed as a bribe. And then, soon as she rejected resigning, they took away essential job duties of hers, told her she couldn't deal with Monta [Ellis] and then with Stephen Curry." 

This is definitely not good for the Warriors: 

On whether the Golden State Warriors have texts and said they would protect Monta Ellis:

"January 13th, they called my client in; she explained that the two months of text messages. She explained it was coming from a secret phone that was not consensual. She explained to them that he had sent the graphic photo. The Warriors have a log of text messages showing dates, times, and originating from Monta's secret phone. It's my understanding that on the 13th of January, Monta told my client: nothing's going to happen to me, the Warriors have my back, they'll sweep it under the rug."

I think a lot of professional athletes have secret or private phones, but still, very suspicious: 

On whether a Warriors trainer maintained Monta Ellis's Secret Phone:

"My understanding is, what he told my client, it was a secret phone that he was having billed to another person; and that the equipment manager for the trainers was maintaining it so nobody would know about it."

It's also very unfortunate if the plaintiff can prove all of this as well:

How long have the Warriors known about this?

"I served them on November 14th of this year with the actual charges filed with the government; so it does confuse me when the Warriors have been saying that they weren't aware of this. They knew on January 7th of this year, they knew in October that I represented her, and then in November, Mr. Ellis and the others had copy of the actual charges."

On whether his client wanted to go public with this information:

"It is not my desire, nor hers, to make this public. As she said at the press conference this morning, there's a real good possibility that she'll never get a job in the NBA after 14 years. She did not want to go public; it was not her desire to. She would like to have resolved this, unfortunately we couldn't."

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