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Monta Ellis Sexual Harassment Lawsuit: Golden State Warriors Deny Cover-Up, Concede Consensual Relationship

The Golden State Warriors have responded to the accusations levied by former director of community relations Erika Smith against Monta Ellis claiming sexual harassment. Tim Kawakami received this statement from Warriors team president and COO Rick Welts.

The interesting thing about this statement is that the Warriors did admit a relationship existed between Ellis and the former employee; considering Monta was married at the time the accusations were made, this can hardly reflect well on him. The fact that a relationship did exist will cast further aspersions on Ellis and his personal character.

Of course, an extramarital affair is not a crime, and the Warriors weren't about to concede that their star guard had committed a crime of any sort. The Warriors were clear that nothing happened beyond the relationship, and that they believed that anything that happened between the two was consensual.

While Golden State did their best to wash their hands of this lawsuit, it doesn't really come close to exonerating Ellis, and portrays him in an unflattering light. Expect this case to take many new turns over the upcoming weeks.

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