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Monta Ellis Sexual Harassment Lawsuit: Multiple Executives Expected To Be Named In Suit

Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis is reportedly about to be facing a sexual harassment lawsuit courtesy of a former employee of the team. The lawsuit will reportedly be filed on Wednesday in Alameda County Superior Court and will name several executives and employees of the Warriors. The suit will reportedly include Governor and CEO Joe Lacob, Alternate Governor Peter Guber, General Manager Larry Riley and Executive Director of Human Resources Erika Brown.

The plaintiff's attorney, Burton Boltuch, sent out an email regarding the lawsuit in which he claimed Ellis sent his client at least one sexually explicit photograph and dozens of unwanted texts over the course of two months starting late last year. The plaintiff was reportedly asked to resign before she was fired.

However this plays out, it puts the Warriors in a tough position even if the suit proves groundless. The New York Knicks went through an embarrassing sexual harassment lawsuit four years ago and it took some time to remove the PR stain. The lawsuit is only just being filed so there is still a lot of information to come.