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Stephen Curry Injury: Warriors Guard Injuries Ankle, X-Rays Negative

The Golden State Warriors received a scare on Tuesday night as star guard Stephen Curry went down with an ankle injury against the Kings, but x-rays concluded Curry had only suffered a sprain. There was some concern with the ankle injury, especially after he underwent surgery on it in the offseason, but the team can expect to have Curry back in the lineup in a couple of weeks (at the most).

Anyone who has ever sprained an ankle multiple times knows seemingly every sprain is different and various types of treatment work better than others. With the season opener less than a week away the Warriors will do whatever they can to get Curry's ankle healed, although he could potentially miss a few of Golden State's first few games. The team will have to wait and see how he progresses in the coming days.

This was a scary moment for the franchise, but it appears to be a minor injury. Fans should still be worried, though, especially Curry's history of ankle injuries continue to plague him throughout the season.

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