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Monta Ellis Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Golden State Warriors Accused Of Cover Up

Monta Ellis and the Golden State Warriors are involved in what could be a very dark sexual harrassment suit.

The Golden State Warriors and Monta Ellis just want to start getting back on the winning track. The team is starting to move past the old ways, and they want to start winning as soon as possible. And it looked like there would be hope that the team could get their act together before the season starts.

However, it looks like some dark news could be on the horizon. Marcus Thompson of Inside the Warriors reports.

According to Boltuch, the plaintiff is accusing Ellis of sexually harassing her from November 2010 to January 2011. The accuser, according to Boltuch, has photo evidence of the harassment, which he claims was sent from Ellis’ cell phone to the plaintiff.

The photo will be revealed – along with the identity of the accuser – at the press conference, Boltuch said.

The case doesn't sound too good. The legal assessment is a nightmare for Ellis and Golden State.

Nothing good can come of this case. If it's false, it's simply bad PR for a Warriors team desperately in need of good news. If it's true, both Ellis (who would be accused of a serious crime) and Golden State (who would be complicit because of the potential cover-up) could be in serious trouble.

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