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Golden State Warriors GM Larry Riley Discusses Offseason Gameplan

At a Thursday press conference at Oracle Arena, the first day players could use their facilities since the lockout, Golden State Warriors general manager Larry Riley discussed the team's offseason strategy in regards to their roster, noting that the team is in no rush to make any "hasty moves" in free agency.

With around $6 million in cap size currently, the W's could be seen as long, longshots to land a player like Nene, Tyson Chandler, or even Marc Gasol, though Riley is looking at the team with an elongated view, much further than this season:

"To make a mistake right now with this roster would set us back. We're going to come up with a decision that fits us but doesn't derail any progress that we could make."

In a perfect world according to Riley, the team would be able to sign two players- someone to pick up the mantle at the center position and bench player to add depth at the guard position. That could come in the form of someone like DeAndre Jordan, the current restricted free agent center from the Clippers (represented by assistant GM Bob Myers' old company, Wasserman Media Group), and Brandon Roy, who is expected to be amnestied by the Blazers. 

But that is in a perfect world, a place that none of us live in. 

"We have a team in place, based on players under contract and the expectation of signing the rookies, and it's very likely that we'll open the season with that roster in place," Riley said. "We need to add some depth, and we'd like to add some size. Then, we'll turn it over to Mark [Jackson]. We'll give him a reasonably good roster and let him go to work."

For some reason, I fell like I've heard this before...


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