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NBA Schedule: Golden State Warriors To Play Los Angeles Clippers In Christmas Day

The Golden State Warriors have been waiting for the regular season to start up. They'll get their chance on opening day on Christmas night.

The NBA originally had three games on Christmas Day, probably because there was an NFL game scheduled for Sunday night. They have now apparently expanded it to five to try and put in as many basketball games on the slate for starved fans of the game. The Warriors were a natural target for the late night contest.

The Warriors will play the Los Angeles Clippers in one of the five opening contests. Marcus Thompson of Inside Bay Area reports.

I’ve been told by a couple sources the Warriors will be part of the Christmas Day lineup of games to kick off the 2011-12 season. Golden State will host Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers at Oracle on Christmas Night, the fifth and final game on the NBA slate.

Obviously, things could change. But that’s what the planned schedule is now.

Golden State and Los Angeles should be a fine opening day matchup. Both the Warriors and the Clippers have high up-tempo offenses, and considering the long layoff with no training camp, it could be a fast game with lots of points. Should be a fun return to basketball.

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