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VIDEO: Jeremy Lin's 5 Easy Steps To Getting Into Harvard

Golden State Warriors guard Jeremy Lin has been biding his time like all the rest of the players during the NBA lockout, but not all of them have a degree from Harvard. Lin does, and in this short, informative video, he shows high school seniors the five easy steps to get a Harvard degree of their own someday.

Make the jump to learn how. 

Here's the video in full, make sure you have your notebook out and at the ready, and all of your No. 2 pencils sharpened and ready to go. There may be a quiz after the video. 

How to Get into Harvard ft. Ryan Higa (via TheJlin7)

To recap:

Step 1: Get glasses; if already have glasses, get bigger glasses

Step 2: Play an instrument - play the triangle

Step 3: Improve test-taking skills playing Fruit Ninja

Step 4: Practice while you study; Study while you practice

Step 5: Be up to date with the news

Hopefully Lin and the rest of his Warriors will be able to take the court sometime soon, or there may be more instructional videos from Jeremy to come.

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