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Stephen Curry Back At Davidson, Writing A Senior Thesis On Tattoos (AUDIO)

Some players are doing their best to take advantage of the time they have now that the NBA season isn't starting at least for another month, perhaps longer.

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is doing something pretty smart--going back to school to earn his degree. Listen here to the MP3 file! There's a lot of good stuff from Curry about his time in Davidson, his recruiting process, college life, and his transition to the NBA. It's a very thoughtful interview, and full of good stuff.

But the most interesting details had to do with what exactly he was doing to earn his sociology degree from college: The study of tattoos, particularly with athletes and former NBA players and how they decide to get tattoos, how they're regarded as status symbols, and how players end up encouraging other young individuals get tattoos.

It's a really insightful interview which gives you a glimpse into how intelligent Curry is, and you just have to appreciate him for more than his basketball talents.

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