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NBA Lockout Over? What Christmas Schedule Looks Like For Golden State, Sacramento

After 149 days of the NBA lockout, it sounds like we might be just about finished. A deal has reportedly been tentatively agreed to, with the players and owners still having to officially agree to it. If they can officially agree and settle the current antitrust lawsuit filed by the disclaimed union, professional basketball could reportedly be back on Christmas Day.

As things currently stand, the NBA is looking at a 66-game schedule starting on Christmas Day. We'll get another shot at three games in four days, which could benefit some of the younger teams with slightly better legs than the veteran squads. It should make for some intriguing stretches of games.

It will be interesting to see how this abbreviated schedule plays out. At the moment, the Golden State Warriors first post-Christmas game is Monday December 26 versus the Chicago Bulls. The Sacramento Kings were also scheduled for Monday December 26 versus the Philadelphia 76ers.

Now that basketball could very well be back, it is tough to tell what this means for their respective schedules. The league will have to add in some games for both teams. The Warriors lost their home opener versus the Los Angeles Lakers as well as home games against the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs. The Kings lost home games against the Lakers and New York Knicks.

Each team has lost a host of home-game revenue and will look to get some of that back with the 66-game schedule.