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Matt Barnes Isn't Dating Eva Longoria

Current Los Angeles Lakers and former Golden State Warriors forward Matt Barnes has been trying to keep busy during the NBA Lockout, though he likely has been getting more publicity that he would like as of late. Rumors that Barnes has been romantically linked to actress Eva Longoria have been swirling around the tabloids, though Barnes went on with The Rise Guys on 95.7 The Game to set the record straight.

Barnes was asked straight up about his involvement with Longoria, and made sure not to beat around the bush: 

Matt I apologize, but I gotta ask you because you are in the news for reasons that I am sure annoy you. Matt Barnes dating Eva Longoria? She says no. You have been linked in the tabloids and the internet to Eva Longoria. Any comments on that?

"Eva and I are friends. We are working together. She has an amazing cancer foundation as well, so we are working together and setting up an event for 2012. I know everyone likes to read and everything and hope or talk bad about situations, but Eva and I are just friends."

Phew. Glad that's out of the way. 

And in basketball related news, Barnes will be playing in the upcoming reunion with the Warriors' 2007 "We Believe" team for charity where members of that 2007 squad take on current Warriors players. It will take place November 5th at the San Jose State Events Center. 

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