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Warriors Amnesty Clause Candidates: Charlie Bell, Andris Biedrins

Marc Stein and Chad Ford of ESPN believe an NBA lockout might end at some point. So they've gone and compiled a list of players who would be released by their teams if there is an amnesty clause that will help teams terrible at managing their books the ability to relieve themselves of one bad contract a year.

Based on their current update, it's looking like it could be Charlie Bell.

Sources likewise insist that the Warriors are leaning against ditching Biedrins, irrespective of the Latvian lefty's ongoing (and frightening) funk at the free throw line, corresponding reticence to get involved on offense in any meaningful way and the $27 million owed to him through 2013-14. Based on the premise that established NBA big men are always tradable somewhere and routinely overpaid -- we're told Golden State certainly believes the tradability part -- Bell is the most likely to go ... if excising his $4.1 million expiring contract gives Golden State salary-cap space it can really use once the new cap ceiling is finalized.

Totally unexciting here. Bell barely plays, and he's just a fringe player who isn't overpaid. Far from the most exciting amnesty clause candidate--take a look at some of the names on this list!

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