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Mark Jackson Brings New Tactics To Warriors Bench

As if Mark Jackson's tenure as the Golden State Warriors head coach hasn't been strange enough with the lockout, Jackson spoke with the media Wednesday and discussed some of his Jax-brand of basketball ideals, which are a bit different from most NBA coaches to say the least.

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Jackson is a man of faith, and will not let that take a back-seat to his duties as a coach. Therefore, Jackson will not use any curse words when on the bench, or anywhere else for that matter:

Jackson hasn't used a curse word in more than 20 years, and he doesn't plan to start anytime soon.

"You'll never hear that," he said. "I'm going to treat (refs and players) with respect, and I'm going to be demanding. ... I truly believe that you coach the guys in practice ... but you let the guys play the games."

He'll likely be one of the only coaches in the NBA not using four letter expletives as part of his coaching mantra, which is kind of refreshing. Hopefully all that 'respect' equals some wins this season (if we have one).

Another interesting note is how Jackson views going over game tape, as well as spending time on the team in general.

He said he doesn't put much stock in getting to the building at 6 a.m. and staying all day. His stance is the same for film study.

"I've played for coaches that used it above and beyond, even out of control," Jackson said. "I'm a guy that will use it to show examples. I'm not a guy you're going to see with bags under my eyes because I've watched film all night long."

Once again, as long as you're winning ball games that's fine with the fans, but when the W's begin a tailspin there might be some talk of the team being unprepared. Let's hope Jax knows what he is doing.