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NBA Lockout: Labor Talks Progressing Forward, Warriors Basketball Might Happen

Will the Golden State Warriors be playing NBA basketball this year? No one knows, but a decision needs to come down in a hurry between the league and the player's union. It does look like both sides are willing to deal though, which can only mean good things for those who want to see a season.

Adrian Wojnarowski has more from Yahoo Sports; read the details by clicking here!

Don't think that this is the "lived happily ever after" part of the pamphlet. NBA players and owners are making progress, but they still have a lot of ground to cover and not much time to do it to get the season back on track. There's certainly reason for optimism--both sides are bargaining and coming to agreements on certain positions--but that doesn't mean we can expect basketball to be coming our way until every situation is remedied.

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