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Mark Jackson Believes Warriors Head Coaching Position Is A Mission From God

Mark Jackson is a very driven man. He might have his detractors as a color commentator for his coverage of the NBA. He might have made his fair share of enemies from his time as a basketball player. So it's not a huge surprise that people would be skeptical of his ability to coach the Golden State Warriors.

But you know who isn't skeptical about his ability to coach the Golden State Warriors? Mark Jackson. Oh, and God. Sorry, you lose haters.

Check out this interview with Grantland (HT Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk).

Do you have to put your pastor duties aside once the NBA season starts?

I never put it aside. It’s a full-time call. My wife is the co-pastor, and I’m a man of tremendous faith. I believe that me being the head coach of the Golden State Warriors is an assignment from God. I look at it from both positions. The Bible says to whom much is given, much is required. So I don’t believe the pressures on me to perform both positions.

Yeah, I feel the power in here. Jackson clearly has his heart into this, which is sometimes all you need (take a look at what Doc Rivers did in Boston). Should be great to see these new Warriors in action when the season tips off in about a month!

Oh, what's that you say?

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