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NBA Lockout 2011: David Stern Cancels First Two Weeks Of 2011-12 NBA Season

NBA Commissioner David Stern has cancelled the first two weeks of the 2011-2012 NBA regular season following a failure to come to a labor agreement on Monday October 10. After a rough weekend of negotiations, the two sides got back together on Monday hoping to come to some kind of agreement or at least make some kind of progress. Unfortunately there was not sufficient progress to reconsider cancelling the start of the season. The cancellation includes all games through November 14.

Stern announced the cancellation due to the fact that both sides remained "very far apart on virtually all issues." One of the main sticking points was the revenue split, which had been at the 53/47 split mark. There were some discussions of getting it down to 50/50 but that has apparently been tabled for now while they consider a variety of other issues.

This decision hurts all teams, but the Warriors in particular. The Warriors have new owners that were starting to light a fire under the team and its fan base. A timely start to the regular season would have continued on the huge momentum thus far.

As for the Kings, they are in a difficult financial position, but might still benefit from the owners imposing their will on the players. The Maloof family has fumbled around the Kings and need any help they can get to not have a complete financial implosion with the Kings.

As it stands, the Warriors and Kings will lose the following games:

11/2 - vs. Los Angeles Lakers
11/4 - vs. Sacramento Kings
11/5 - @ Denver Nuggets
11/7 - vs. San Antonio Spurs
11/9 - vs. Detroit Pistons
11/11 - @ New Orleans Hornets
11/12 - @ Houston Rockets
11/14 - @ Dallas Mavericks

11/2 - vs. Houston Rockets
11/4 - @ Golden State Warriors
11/5 - vs. Los Angeles Lakers
11/7 - vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
11/9 - @ Minnesota Timberwolves
11/11 - @ Chicago Bullls
11/12 - @ Memphis Grizzlies