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Blake Griffin Kisses The Sky With Incredible Rebound Over Vlad Radmanovic

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Blake Griffin is an athletic freak, and his reel of highlight plays has landed him as a no-brainer for the 2011 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. However, it isn't the fact he dunks that makes him so dynamic as a basketball player, but the incredible lift and power he explodes with that makes him such a must-see event everytime he shows up at a basketball arena. Anytime you watch him with the ball, he might do something you've never ever seen before on the hardwood.

This was the case this afternoon against the Golden State Warriors. With Griffin's Los Angeles Clippers blowing out the boys from the Bay Area, Griffin showcases why he's more than what you see on Sportscenter (although this'll probably end up on there too). When Ryan Gomes pulled up for three, Vladimir Radmanovic was in good position for the box out and the defensive board.  Hah. Poor Vlad. You can never be in good enough position when dealing with Griffin. The man exists in his own gravity.

(via outsidethenba)

Griffin did have another strong dunk in this one off a Baron Davis alley-oop, but that was pretty standard in the array of alley-oops one can dream up. It didn't bring the amazing quite like this play.

The Warriors were knocked off by the Clippers 105-91. Griffin had 23 points and 12 rebounds.