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Yao Ming And Jeremy Lin Together On The Warriors: Marketing Genius?

With Peter Guber, entertainment mogul, by Joe Lacob's side, you know they're looking to boost revenue strategically. The Larry Brown of Sports (via Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports) suggests that the Warriors should push for soon-to-be-unrestricted free-agent Yao Ming this summer because of the region's sizeable Asian community and because of the alleged financial success that rookie Jeremy Lin has brought to the team already. 

Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin already know each other from this past summer's charity basketball game in Taiwan. But does an injured Yao -- who may or may not contribute a few minutes here or there -- make sense given the way Lin is being used, so far? And how much are the Warriors willing to pay for Yao if Lin's less than 1 million dollar contract is already considered 'too much' by his detractors? And how do you think Yao and Lin would feel on the team, which knows they are their in large part for marketing, especially if they're not playing.  ALL PLAYERS are marketed, clearly. But those that are, are ones that play regularly.