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Acie Law Has Heart ... And Bags Under His Eyes

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The saga of the guaranteed Acie Law and Jeremy Lin contracts for the year at the expense of swingman Rodney Carney just got wilder. Acie Law's travels to New York to get his wrist evaluated, which he managed to fly down to Orlando just in time for the game follows similar trajectories of NBA hopefuls that have made their similar journey through Golden State from the d-league or elsewhere. Just how bad did Acie Law want to be in the NBA? Pretty bad if you couldn't tell from his eyes...

According to Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle, Law spent most of last Monday travelling. Simmons gives us the inside scoop:

The Warriors wanted to get his sprained wrist checked out before they guaranteed his contract for the rest of the season - which they did Tuesday - so Law flew from Miami to New York to see a specialist.

Only it wasn't that easy. He had an X-ray at 9 a.m., an MRI exam at 10:45 a.m. and a follow-up appointment with the doctor at noon. He was supposed to fly to Orlando at 2:30 p.m. but he was dropped off at LaGuardia Airport instead of JFK, so he had to take a different flight and didn't get to the game until 10 minutes after tip-off.

If that isn't heart, I don't know what is. I've been travelling quite a bit in the last few months between various regions across the United States and sometimes just within the same region and, let me tell you, travelling is draining. Flying to relatively remote areas of America's heart and hinterland involves multiple unexpected stops and rickety planes that look like they came straight out of Casablanca. Flying kills your swag. It clearly killed Law as he had an uneventful 0-3 on the night.

But Law clearly understands the importance of opportunities, especially with the Warriors where injuries means possibly showcasing yourself in a starting and supporting role (see Reggie Williams, C.J. Watson, and Anthony Tolliver). In his time with the Warriors, he hasn't had quite the audition of say last season's d-leaguers, yet, averaging a meager 2.9 points a game on 34% shooting. 

But what has stood out has been Law's ability to penetrate and get the occasional bucket or two. Also, when driving, Law also has shown the ability to change directions with hesitation moves and stutter steps.  What does this mean for Jeremy Lin? Probably little playing time or the return to the d-league which Larry Riley has been suggesting for a while now.