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Ronnie Price Magnetically Pulled By Dorell Wright, Collides With Teammate Andrei Kirilenko

The Utah Jazz are struggling. They've lost seven of eight games, and their one win was a struggle against a cellar-dwelling Minnesota Timberwolves team. Sunday night, with Deron Williams and Mehmet Okur out, they went into Oracle Arena and got shut down offensively by the Golden State Warriors (read that again to yourself, because it doesn't get any less shocking the second time you see that).

Dorell Wright made them struggle even more Sunday night, as his sudden ability to emit magnetic fields completely took two Jazz teammates out of the play. SLC Dunk (Utah SB Nation blog) shares with you their misery.



First Paul Millsap fell down after missing his shot, and the ball was tapped up in the air before getting knocked back into the hands of the streaking Wright. Ronnie Price, instead of slowing the play down, seemed to get crossed up and barrelled right into the trailing Andrei Kirilenko, knocking two Jazz defenders out of the play at once.

That's some serious ninja act right there by Wright. Conquer the enemy by letting the enemy beat itself. Either that or Wright is Magneto. In either case, I dig.

That left the Warriors with the rare and slightly advantageous four-on-one fastbreak, and sorry, even Raja Bell can't flop that much in one play to cause a Golden State turnover. A give-and-go with Acie Law sets up Wright for an easy layin.

Not good times for Jazz fans. Bad times.