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David Lee, Monta Ellis, Keith Smart: Frustrations Mounting, Sing-a-longs Over?

The Warriors lost their third in a row — at home — and a red-hot New Orleans Hornets team shot a ridiculous (even for the NBA) 62% from the field. In what is supposed to be the time where the Warriors play catch-up and make a strong push to get into a final playoff spot, you would have thought after yesterday’s game you were watching the NBA All-Star Game by how poorly the Warriors defended. CSN Bay Area’s Matt Steinmetz reads into locker room body language after last night’s game, suggesting that problems are possibly arise:

You could see it in coach Keith Smart, who went out of his way to bring up the issues of "toughness" and "effort" even though he wasn’t asked about those things.

You could see it in David Lee, who seemed to purposely measure his words through gritted teeth. And you could see it in a half-dozen or so other players, most of whom were slumped in a chairs by their lockers.

Uh oh. Just a few days ago, media reported that Monta Ellis was leading the rest of the locker room as if a glee-club of only rap music. But what now? There will always be ups and downs with this Warriors squad as we’ve witnessed all season. But with Lacob seemingly having everyone on a short leash, you can bet he wants to avoid starting his tenure the same way that former Chris Cohan experienced his. That being, Lacob doesn’t want a mutiny or a civil war amongst its players.

It’s too early to say what Lacob’s going to do, but given the problematic effort and execution, what do you want Lacob to do?