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Stephen Curry Was Cute...Even As A Kid

Because of his boy-ish good-looks, Stephen Curry gets love from the ladies. But if he's pullin' babes now, like Ayesha Alexander, you can bet he was doing it big at the playgrounds, like Another Bad Creation when they hollered at "Iesha." This week's One-On-One Stories sits down with Stephen Curry to talk about his less glamorous journey to the NBA, filled with haters dismissing his game for his size and stature. Also, there is some great footage of cute Curry as a kid throwing up reverse layups with ease as pops Dell looks on.


Of course this couldn't have come at a better time considering all the questioning of Curry's issues, which he directly addresses in this video, particularly his defensive liabilities. But it's good to see that Curry knows that scrutiny is part of the game and recognizes that he has aspects of his game he needs to work on to get to that next level for himself and his team. But more importantly for the ladies, they get to see how cute Stephen Curry was as a kid!