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Blake Griffin: Reverse Alley-Oop Dunk Versus Golden State Warriors Adds To The Legend

After sitting out what would have been his rookie season with a kneecap injury, LA Clippers forward Blake Griffin could have been expected to potentially lose some hops and even be a little tentative upon his return. The Golden State Warriors found out for the second time eight days that there is nothing tentative or limited about Blake Griffin's game.

The Clippers are currently battling the Golden State Warriors, and Blake Griffin has thrown down yet another impressive dunk. As the video after the jump shows, early in the second quarter Eric Bledsoe tossed up an easy pass that Griffin was able to easily dunk home with a bit of a reverse jam.

As we saw last week, this isn't the first time the Warriors have been victimized by Griffin's athletic prowess. What's amazing is that he even makes misses look spectacular.

Blake Griffin will be taking part in the annual dunk contest later next month at the 2011 NBA All Star Game. Although the contest will include JaVale McGee, Serge Ibaka and DeMar DeRozan, it's safe to say Griffin is the favorite in the contest and also the reason most people will be watching. Griffin has made more highlight reels this season than anybody could have imagined.

The dunk contest has been a bit of a bust lately and Griffin brings arguably the most buzz since Vince Carter's defining performance in 2000. Expectations are incredibly high and one has to wonder how Griffin will possibly meet such lofty expectations. He's shown some creativity and raw force that should help him come up with something spectacular.