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Carmelo Anthony To The Golden State Warriors? Don't Hold Your Breath

So apparently in a discussion Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob had with Tim Kawakami, the subject of beleaguered Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony was broached. Lacob said that he had discussed the possibility of Anthony coming to the Bay Area, and came away with the impression that Anthony was focused on being in one geographic area (which we'd guess to be the New York Knicks). It appears there will be no 'Melo jersey sale spikes in Oakland anytime soon.  Let's also keep in mind that Lacob probably wouldn't be interested in going after a star player who would only play one season and then leave for his desired destination upon free agency, since there's no hope he'd ever sign an extension with the Warriors.

But what would be needed for this trade to even happen? With Anthony's contract at $17 million per year for the next two years, only Monta Ellis ($11 million for the next four years) and David Lee ($11 mil for the next six years) seem like they'd have to go for this to happen with complementary players tossed in. Even though Lacob is open to the idea of splitting up Ellis and Stephen Curry, it's too much for the Warriors to lose for very small short-term gains.

Yeah, there's no chance. This trade's a pipe dream.