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Monta Ellis Game Winner, But What About Dorell Wright?

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Monta Ellis hit was might have been the closest thing we've seen of Michael Jordan at the Oracle since...well maybe when Michael Jordan was still playing. As Avinash Kunnath has showed already, Monta's 20-foot game winner over Brandon Rush looked the part of MJ over Brian Russell in the 97 NBA Championships. This clearly was the greatest thing to witness last night...or was it?

Dorell Wright might have completed what Blake Griffin and Baron Davis tried to accomplish just a few nights ago with their 60-foot alley-oop

[The Stephen Curry-Dorell Wright 3/4 court alley-oop (via outsidethenba)]

D.Wright has quickly become one the greatest surprises this season (second to Monta Ellis' leadership and possibly third to Stephen Curry's regression of sorts). Aside from being a financial "steal," D.Wright is actually showing me that he is actually really a well-rounded player. More than just a 3-point shooter of late, D.Wright has been spotting up for jumpers at the elbow, taking the ball off the dribble with some nifty hesitation dribble-drives, and, of course, the length and athleticism for plays like this. But most importantly, D.Wright plays hard, dives for loose balls, rebounds, and cheers for his teammates. Man-crush? Maybe.

But I'm not the only one. Here's what Coach Keith Smart had to say about his starting small forward:

"I didn't think it would come this fast," he said. "I thought once we got him here and put him in our system and showed him how we wanted to function as a small forward, he would make plays. We knew he could shoot the (3-pointer). We knew he could guard some people at different spots. But as far as playmaking ability, I didn't see that at all in Miami."

With the rate that D.Wright is improving, what can we expect from him from here on out? What are hidden tricks and talents does he have?