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Monta Ellis With The Michael Jordan Move To Help The Warriors Beat The Pacers

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Monta Ellis has been carrying the Golden State Warriors. Despite the free agent acquisition of David Lee and Stephen Curry fitting even more into the point guard position, this is clearly Monta's team. And he proved it again last night when he finished off a 36 point, 16 for 28 from the field, 6 assist, 5 rebound performance by nailing the biggest shot of the game to beat the Indiana Pacers.

When the game was tied with 15 seconds, everyone at Oracle Arena knew that ball was ending up in Ellis's hands. Brandon Rush is a nice player and growing up year by year, but he's not a great defensive player. When he tried to shade Ellis to his left, Ellis started dribbling to his right, crossed over to his left hand, took one dribble and faded away. Swish. Ball game, Warriors win 110-108.

That move kind of reminded me of a famous shot in NBA Finals history by the GOAT.

Michael Jordan Game 1 Game Winning Jumper over B.Russell  ['97 Finals] (via GoldLakerLion)

Monta Ellis sick game winner vs Pacers (Jan. 19, 2010) (via thehoopscene)

Jordan's was more deliberate and to the point. Ellis's movement was more violent and decisive. How is he not even sniffing the Western Conference All Star team?