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2010-2011 NBA Power Rankings, Week 12 Review: Warriors Stay Put After Defeating Fellow Bottom-Feeders

The Golden State Warriors finished the week 2-1, all games played at home, but can't seem to move up in power rankings whatsoever. Why might that be? Well, playing all three games at home could be part of the evaluation of the difficulty of that week. Or maybe it's because the Warriors narrowly beat two teams that probably that either have the same record or below them in the power rankings. With that said, here are where different media sources are positioning the Warriors this week. Thanks to Brian Chung for putting this together.


22. Golden State Warriors (17-23, Prev: #22) -- The Warriors are 2-0 on a current four-game homestand, with wins over the Clippers and Nets. The Pacers and Kings follow. A 4-0 homestand has never looked so right.

21.The Warriors' first stop after this crazy stretch of home games (16 of the next 19) is Feb. 27 in Minnesota. Our question: Will Monta Ellis and K-Love be reliving All-Star glories or commiserating about their snubs? [me=previously #20]

NBC Sports, ProBasketballTalk

22. Warriors (16-23). Like the Clippers, they may not win a lot but they put on a good show. Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry can light up the scoreboard any given night. This team still plays no defense, and that costs them. [me=previously #22]

With this said, where do you think the Warriors should be positioned after a 2-1 week? With the recent surge by the Clippers, led by Blake Griffin himself, leap frogging over several teams in the high teens, do the Warriors have a chance to get higher?

Check back tomorrow for a review and preview of this coming week and where SB Nation Bay Area sees the Warriors moving up or down to next week.