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Golden State Warriors Knock-Off Logo-Redone Better Than Actual New Logo?

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People have griped, groaned, and grumbled about the new Warriors logo and jersey design and for good reason. For the time being fans (myself included) are finally getting over nitpicking the finer details of logo and jersey design (the font and number of colors were huge topics of discussion among fans) and just accepting that this is what we're stuck with for the time being. Lets worry about wins, losses, trades, and Stephen Curry's hot girlfriend for now and table jersey designs for the time being.


Well, I for one refuse to let this debate wait. I truly believe the Warriors have the most unique jersey design in the NBA right now, though I wouldn't necessarily say for the best (or the worst). Streetwear label Teruo Artistry has created their own California tribute shirt (or Golden State Warriors tribute shirt) with the Warriors main and alternative logos. Honestly, I think Teruo Artistry has got it right: