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Andris Biedrins: Theories Abound Of Missing Confidence

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Where has Andris Biedrins gone? Since the 2008-2009 season when Biedrins, now simply known as "Dre," had a career-season in minutes per game, points, and rebounds, the injury bug and wavering confidence has caused these averages to dip drastically by half. Last summer, he went public with Latvian press about his personal trauma with the Warriors and since then his teammates, fans and critics have all had their theories of how best to make him feel better. It's kind of funny what people are coming up with as it clearly is a serious matter when you're third highest player ($9,000,000) can't seem to keep his head in the game and his anxieties at bay. But with half a season nearly over and the Warriors lack of rebounding hurting them more than ever (if this highlight is any indication), Biedrins confidence-building season is wearing thin on some people. See what some folks are saying.

Here's what Andris Biedrins, himself, had to say about his play, reported by CSN Matt Steinmetz:

"That's what I'm saying, I don't know," Biedrins said. "I guess if you don't play for a year and then you come back, it takes a while. I guess you're not getting the same amount of shots as a couple of years ago. It's just .. I don't know. It's hard to explain. I wish I could explain it easier. I have to just keep playing and get through that and get more confident."

Biedrins teammates seem to think similarly when asked about it, as Marcus Thompson II of the Bay Area New Group reports:

"I need to look for him more," point guard Stephen Curry said.

"I've got to find him some easy buckets," power forward David Lee said.

"You're not going to ask a center to create his own shot, so it's on us," reserve forward Vladimir Radmanovic said.

This is true. Not since Baron Davis and his abilities to drive, draw defenders, and dish have the Warriors had a play-maker that can get Biedrins in open positions. But at the same time, it's a little bizarre to me that Radman is defending his Eastern European BFF to this extent that Biedrins shouldn't be accountable for half of his actions on the court. That's like a bad chef saying "it's not my fault there's no customers. I just make the food." 

Matt Steinmetz of the CSN Bay Area had some interesting Tweets during last night's game, particularly over some missed free throws by teammates and opponents:

MSteinmetzCSN Matt Steinmetz
You know it's coming. DeAndre Jordan's foul shot should give Andris Biedrins some confidence.

And here's what a fan over at the official Golden State Warriors Blog of SB Nation, Golden State of Mind, had to say about Biedrins recent decline:

Ever since he changed the hairstyle....
he's gone soft defensively. There's a direct correlation, check it out. When he started looking like Leonardo DiCaprio the shot blocking and physical defense left.



So, which one will help boost Biedrins' confidence? A return to his old spikey haircut? More opportunities to score during the game? Watching others brick free throws, possibly, worse than he does? What are your theories of how best to approach Biedrins vanishing confidence, play, and trade value? 

For more chatter of all things Warriors, head over to Golden State of Mind.