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Blake Griffin Almost Converts The Greatest Alley-Oop Ever From Baron Davis

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First, Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers had an incredible offensive rebound over Vladimir Radmanovic of the Golden State Warriors. Friday night, Griffin nearly lifted off with another incredible play (well, almost-play), managing a what-would-have-been-unbelievable missed dunk over Andris Biedrins.

Well, apparently, one missed dunk isn't enough for this era's human highlight reel, especially against a defensively-challenged squad like Golden State. In the fourth quarter, Griffin nearly turned the NBA on its heels with what could have been one of the most seismic dunks in NBA history.

With the Warriors nursing a three point lead midway through the fourth quarter, DeAndre Jordan grabbed a rebound and handed the ball off to Baron Davis. Instead of setting up halfcourt, Davis found Griffin deep down court and launched it sixty feet in mid-air.

Griffin, instead of catching it simply, went instead for the spectacular, attempting a reverse alley-oop. From sixty feet. Video after the jump.

Blake Griffin's almost-oop from Baron vs GSW (via outsidethenba)

If not for the defensive back skills of Monta Ellis, we'd probably have our highlight of the season. Alas. I guess we'll have to wait until Griffin's next game.