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"Monte Ellis" Trends On Twitter; Monta Ellis Can't Be Pleased

Monta Ellis was perking up the Internets with a spectacular performance for the Golden State Warriors. For three straight quarters he was torching Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers, racking up 31 points. However, Bryant turned the tables on the ragged Ellis (who played the entire game) in the fourth quarter, putting up 17 points in the 4th quarter, helping to guide the Lakers to victory in Oracle. Even Phil Jackson, who is usually in a meditative state and seems to be staring off into the cosmos during most basketball games, commented that the amount of time Ellis spent on the floor probably ended up costing Golden State late.

However, when one peruses the Twitters, as is common of social misanthropes like myself, one can see a big problem about how people are acknowledging the excellence of Ellis's performance. Perhaps this is the reason Ellis isn't even registering on All-Star Ballots--sports fans don't know how to spell his name.


Yeah, I don't think Ellis is being locked in a French prison anytime soon.