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Jeremy Lin Is A "Funny Guy," But How Funny Is He?

The typical NBA player, or professional athlete for that matter, is more robot than the quotable folks like Etan Thomas or Chad Ochocinco. After watching Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker and listening to former Los Angeles Clipper C Paul Davis lull his hot date to sleep with his delusions of grandeur, I haven't really thought of professional athletes as really having a public sense of humor. Maybe since everything they do is already scrutinized by the media and fans, they're concerned about sharing more of themselves.

But Jeremy Lin seems to be about as candid as they come when it comes to talking about whatever. He has let fans see what he loves to eat after games and he used to frequently talk about what he loved to eat on his Twitter. Fans want to know more about Lin and Lin is showing us a little more of himself and his personality as the season goes on. But just how funny is he? 

NBA Fanhouse's Elie Seckbach's hangs out in the Warriors locker room one day to break bread with Lin along with a few other notable Warriors power forwards like Ekpe Udoh and Brandan Wright. With Seckbach's editing, the sound bites from Udoh and Wright are so quick that all you hear is "he's a funny guy." Just how funny is he? Click on for more. Here's Seckbach's vid:

Whatever it is, Jeremy Lin seems to be enjoying his day(s) in the sun and he looks completely comfortable being self-deprecating and exchanging zingers with comedian Kevin Hart. A brief clip from the Warriors season ticket holder event, "Nibbles, Dribbles, and Sips" show us that Lin is, truly, one funny dude: