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Ekpe Udoh In The Triple Threat Position

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Ekpe Udoh is in the triple threat position. No, I'm not talking about basketball, I'm talking about being an athlete, being a dancer, and being a singer! Udoh has shown us that he's got great footwork in the post and on the dancefloor (or boat floor?) already. But singing?


I just "liked" Ekpe Udoh on Facebook and I was privy to his videos which he croons a segment of "This Christmas" that is something straight out of KBLX 102.9's "The Quiet Storm." It's un-embeddable but its open to anyone to view.


Udoh is clearly joking around with this one as he sings leisurely on a brown leather couch with his Macbook Pro (hey, me and Udoh got matching laptops!) with the video-taper suppressing his chuckles in the background. Udoh comments that we should "Check out his holiday SWAGGG." That so much swag he needed 2 extra Gs. So can we expect Udoh to cut an album like some of his other NBA brethren or Warrior alum T-Hud?