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Warriors 84, Heat 83 - Lebron James Wreaks Havoc On Warriors Offensively and Defensively

True to form, the Heat thoroughly dismantled the Warriors the way I thought they would and exactly the way they did the last time they met at the Oracle. With a 16-1 run beginning at the end of the first half and extending into the third quarter, the Heat closed the twenty point gap with defensive intensity that only allowed for 12 points all quarter from the Warriors (the Heat gave up 36 points in each quarter prior).

The Heat are contesting every shot. They are contesting the perimeter and packng the paint. With David Lee getting open jams in the first half, the Heat have made it nearly impossible to get a shot off with the Warriors getting no points in the paint at all during the 3rd quarter meltdown.

James, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Dwyane Wade have been incredibly active, poking the ball out on almost every possession or pressuring the interior into more stripped balls or blocks. James has 16 points on 10 assists.

Dorell Wright still leads all scorers with 25 points.