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Warriors-Bobcats: Warriors End 2010 With 2011 Resolution Of FInishing Close Games

The Warriors ended 2010 the best way they could for the fans: a win. A one-point win over the lowly Charlotte Bobcats isn’t necessarily much to cheer for. But after watching the video highlights compiled by Golden State of Mind friend “gumbyorpokey” that was part of Golden State of Mind’s regular post-game linkage, the game showed some impressive and unselfish half-court offense. Granted, their is only so much you can glean from highlights of Stephen Curry making his jumpers and the highlights of countless effortless spin drives into the paint by Monta Ellis. But there’s so much more that you can get rom the post-game linkage like hot quotes from players, such as this one that perfectly supplement the video. Why scour the internet for all the post-game chatter by players, beat writers, and fans when you can get it easily at Golden State of Mind?

Keith Smart
On the final minute of the game:
“Our guys kept their composure. I like Dorell Wright taking the ball out because he is not a panic guy. Crazy things can happen on the road but we managed to keep it together and got the win.”

On the team’s backcourt of Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis:
“Sometimes we look at all of the disadvantages that could happen. The only disadvantage is that they are smaller. But let’s look at the positives of what these two guys are capable of doing on any given night. I know what they can do and what they are capable of doing. Our team also knew how to help compensate for that when they were matched up against a bigger guy.”

The Warriors one this game with match-ups and its good to know that Dorell Wright doesn’t panic. Does it surprise anyone that Smart didn’t mention Monta Ellis as the no-panic guy? What do you think Monta Ellis is like during those high-pressure situations of being up by one with less than a minute left? And how would it be any different than Dorell Wright? Who do you think is the MOST panicky during those moments?

I suspect David Lee. That guy always seems hyper, possibly because of the passion and intensity that he visibly plays with. I could imagine his emotions getting the best of him in a tight situation.