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Free Throw Disparity Keeps Warriors Win Over Bobcats Game Close

A look at the numbers show how the Warriors won and possibly would have lost this game. ‘Advanced Stats’ have become trendy in evaluating a player or team’s success. Calculations that border on calculus supposedly give us an indication of how much a player affected the game, regardless of obvious offensive markers such as scoring 50 points.

But sometimes, basic stats are just enough. Especially with the Warriors whose troubles have become so habitual and textbook that its easy to call it as you’re watching it or not even watching it. For example, the Warriors were much more efficient on the offensive end as far as their shooting percentages, the disparity between them and the Bobcats showing also who was better defensively. The Warriors shot 49% from the field and nearly 42% from downtown compared to the Bobcats who only made 42% of their field goals and 31% from the 3-point territory.

HOWEVER, the Warriors let the Bobcats stay in the game by the 10 more MADE free throws by the Bobcats. The Bobcats attempted 12 more free throws and the Warriors.

Another key stat? The Warriors were outrebounded by 11 rebounds and coincidentally 11 rebounds on the offensive glass alone. There’s really no reason a team that is shooting that much better than their opponents only end up winning by one.